We are a Ukrainian company that began its journey in 2011 in Kyiv. Today, we dress hundreds of chefs and restaurants around the world.

The secret of our success and the fuel for our growth is a passionate love for the Chef. We consider this profession to be the most important on Earth.
It is the chef who unites people, bringing beauty, love, and care with a delicious meal. 
It is the chef who creates memories of their country in the eyes of travelers, and it is their work that brings many moments of happiness into people's lives.
Is there anyone more important on this restless planet than the Chef with their Mission of Goodness?

Our choice and our passion are to serve the Chef.

To make their work as easy as possible.
To highlight their beauty as much as possible. 
To perfect our service so that they enjoy dealing with us.
These are our main principles, and we have never strayed from them.

There is a lot of hard work.
But everything comes easily to us because we have Love.

Today, from any point in the world, you can choose a jacket from our catalog, order personalized embroidery on it, and receive it at home within a few days.
You can dress yourself, or you can dress the entire staff of your large restaurant.
We solve ALL the issues with chefs' clothing that are possible, and we do it lightning fast.

The restaurant business worldwide, and especially in Ukraine, has survived several devastating years.

And still, despite everything, it has survived and flourished.

Ladies and gentlemen, Restaurateurs and Chefs, we never cease to admire you!

Always at your service, your ABRIKOS.